Stratos Tokens & Stratos Components Pre-release

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What can I do with Stratos Components for Sketch?

  • Design & build real code components (Styled Components) straight from inside Sketch app
  • Export via our NPM export or export as a React web project/HTML5 web projects
  • Install and work with external React libraries like Material Design UI or Framer Motion

What can I do with Stratos Tokens for Sketch, Figma & InVision Studio?

  • Use Sketch, Figma or InVision Studio to setup and control your design tokens & theming structure
  • A single place to create and edit your styles
  • Reads the raw design file (Sketch, Figma or InVision Studio) and generates a JSON-structure based on your design data (design tokens)
  • You can use any setup you want, you have 100% control over your design token & theming structure
  • Use Stratos Tokens app (Mac only) to output your code
  • Supports Sketch, Figma & InVision Studio files natively, no plugins are needed
  • Use Sketch Cloud & Sketch Shared Libraries to remotely manage and distribute your design token files
  • Export to NPM
  • Export to iOS, Android, CSS via our built-in Style Dictionary support

Who is behind Stratos apps?

  • Stratos apps are being developed by Team Sketch2React, the folks behind Sketch2React, the free design to code framework for Sketch app
  • Stratos apps are the next generation design to code solutions, rebuilt from scratch but shares the same DNA as Sketch2React
  • Read Stratos-related articles here:

System Requirements

  • Mac OS Mojave or Catalina
  • Latest Sketch for Stratos Components
  • Latest Sketch, Figma or InVision Studio for Stratos Tokens
  • Admin rights to your computer machine (or nothing will work, trust us)
  • Node.js
  • An external code editor will be very handy, we ❤️ Visual Studio Code

For how long will the pre-release last?

  • All of our pre-releases going forward are 90 days per release — that should be about enough time for you guys to try it out. 
  • Pre-release programs will run until we have reached V1 of both our Stratos apps. V1 will require a payed license once released, but since you already are here supporting us, we promise a nice lovely discount.

That’s all! Enjoy our apps, keep safe & remember to wash your 👐
❤️ and care from Team Sketch2React, Stockholm Sweden. © Sketch2React AB 2020

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Stratos Tokens & Stratos Components Pre-release

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Stratos Tokens & Stratos Components Pre-release

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